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Entries for the 2010 Durban Dash are now open!

Download the information flyer or entry form here. Remember to arrange your own accommodation (see useful contacts on the information flyer). Book your place on the Dash now with Hugh or Gayle.

About Us

The Old English Car Club is for all enthusiasts of British-made classic cars. Whether your car has just been saved from the scrap heap - or if it is a concours winner - you are always welcome at the OECC. Even if you don't own one yet, but would like to find out about acquiring and using that special car from a bye-gone era, this is the place for you.

We are an informal bunch who are dedicated to the preservation of these vehicles and we actively encourage the use and enjoyment of these fine motor cars. Our aim is to be visible and accessible - generating an interest and a passion in people from all walks of life - some who may have never seen these cars before, and those for who these vehicles are just distant memories. We like to go out on runs to interesting destinations, as well as attend classic car shows - where we can swap stories and advice with other classic car enthusiasts, and create an awareness of the preservation of this heritage amongst the general public and motoring fraternity.

South Africa is blessed with a warm and relatively dry climate, and survival rate of older cars is quite good. However with the relentless pace of modern life, many of these vehicles languish in storage and are eventually broken up or dumped. Owning, restoring and maintaining a classic car is a very rewarding experience. Unlike many Northern Hemisphere countries, with a little attention we can keep these cars roadworthy and use them daily - you don't need to confine your enjoyment to the 'Sunday drive'.

Many of these vehicles were built in a time when craftsmen were afforded the luxury to build and finish these motor cars to the finest quality. Burl walnut and other veneers often adorn the vast dashboards. Large comfortable leather or cloth seats, and thick woollen carpets.

The engineering was thought through to the tiniest detail, and the designs often refined and improved through a relatively long model lifespan.Some of the greatest motors were born in this era - the fabulous Jaguar XK engine that first powered the racing jaguars of the 1940's and still powered their luxury saloons in the 1980's. The Rolls-Royce V8 which was fitted to their saloons in the early 60's and can still be found underneath the bonnet of the latest Bentley Azure. The Rover V8 which saw service in countless different models - some not even sporting the Rover badge.

The art of body design was at a peak - sensous curves flowed over the cars, brightwork adorning eye-catching details. Style often won out over pure practicality and cheaper manufacturing costs - the absolutely stunning E-type, the iconic Mini, the racy MG, the classic Morgan, the timeless Jaguar XJ6 are but a few examples of when Britain was really king of the motor car.




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